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A virtual tour is the latest, newest and innovative way to showcase your industrial company and gain interest in what your brand has to offer. Our high resolution virtual tours provide a powerful , realistic and immersive way to show your company facilities and operations. Furthermore thank’s to interactivity, our virtual tours provide a useful learning tool for employee orientation, training purposes and better understanding of industrial manufacturing process. Large manufacturing plants, particular machinery, production process are just some of the countless characteristics of your company that a virtual tour can show in a complete and realistic way. If you are a communication manager of a large industry take in consideration the making of an interactive tour for your company branches based in Italy or anywhere else; we can produce industrial virtual tours in any industrial contest, plant, in hard and dangerous conditions, everywhere in the world. The industrial virtual tour explained here in this simple infographic (italian only, sorry) offer to your company a more realistic, technical and practical image in internet. Don’t’ wait any longer, write us for any information and quotation.

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What we offer

  • Heavy industry virtual tours
  • Production line virtual tours
  • Machinery and production process photography
  • Foundry virtual tours
  • Implemented VR ready industrial virtual tour
  • Production site 260° virtual tours



360° virtual tour at the brand new modern and futuristic Metalworks headquoarter...

Salumificio Ciriaci


IN ARRIVO A new 360° virtual tour into a well known Italian food industry...

Bonfanti Cereal Dryers


Interactive industrial virtual tour inside a cereal dryer new plant. Project & building by Bonfanti Cereal Dryer...

Sonzogni Pietre Antiche


One of the latest interactive virtual tour at Marmi Sonzogni, largest antique stones and marble manufacturing company of Bergamo area...

F.A.I.R. Italy


Particular and unique virtual tour inside a rifles production factory...



Interesting interactive virtual tour at an environmental remediation plant in the heart of the historic Falck foundry...

Del Bello


Tour Virtuale Google presso un azienda all'avangaurdia nella lavorazione della frutta, leader nel settore, Del Bello...

A.R.E.T. rettifiche


Tour Virtuale in officina rettifiche meccaniche di alta precisione...

Bottonificio BAP


Tour Virtuale Google presso un importante azienda leader nella produzione di bottoni, BAP spa...



Google entra con un tour virtuale anche nei vasti impianti di Corozite, per la produzione di bottoni partendo dalla materia prima...



Un nuovo tour virtuale Google presso J-Val, azienda leader nella produzione di semilavorati per bottini ed affini...



Tour virtuale Google presso un grande impianto di verniciatura industriale, all'avanguardia per tecnologie e lavorazioni, FAEN...

Kilometro Rosso


Virtual tour at the modern and unique research center near Milan, Kilometro rosso, also headquarter of the famous Brembo factory...



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