Photo Reportage of the 5 day driving test for international press

Maserati presents the new Model year 2018 of the Gran Tursimo and Gran Cabrio on the scenic countryside of Bergamo valleys

Valle Rossa in the vicinity of Bergamo the more emotional and challenging part of the event organized by Maserati, it's on the curvy road of this tiny valley that hundreds of international specialized journalist got the chance to drive the powerful and luxurious cars by Maserati.

Following the complete photo reportage of the 5 days of test with Maserati Gran Turismo 2018 and Gran Cabrio 2018 in action on Valle Rossa.

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MaseratiTestDrive 06PAN 8841
MaseratiTestDrive 05PAN 8822
MaseratiTestDrive 16PAN 8934
MaseratiTestDrive 20PAN 9050
MaseratiTestDrive 02PAN 8773
MaseratiTestDrive 25PAN 9134
MaseratiTestDrive 21PAN 9056
MaseratiTestDrive 18PAN 8979
MaseratiTestDrive 27PAN 9164
MaseratiTestDrive 28PAN 9197
MaseratiTestDrive 11PAN 8908
MaseratiTestDrive 19PAN 8985
MaseratiTestDrive 09PAN 8901
MaseratiTestDrive 10PAN 8904
MaseratiTestDrive 26PAN 9156
MaseratiTestDrive 24PAN 9099
MaseratiTestDrive 13PAN 8913
MaseratiTestDrive 17PAN 8955
MaseratiTestDrive 15PAN 8915ed
MaseratiTestDrive 08PAN 8894
MaseratiTestDrive 07PAN 8878
MaseratiTestDrive 01PAN 8766
MaseratiTestDrive 22PAN 9074
MaseratiTestDrive 03PAN 8785
MaseratiTestDrive 23PAN 9094
MaseratiTestDrive 30PAN 9244
MaseratiTestDrive 29PAN 9207
MaseratiTestDrive 04PAN 8801



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